Compliance Training Isn’t Enough

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Companies and organizations struggle to engage their employees in learning and training initiatives. In heavily regulated industries – such as finance, manufacturing and utilities – the penalties for ineffective training can be steep. To combat this problem, employees at all levels must be equipped with the tools needed through effective regulatory compliance training. Ringorang, our […]

A Performance First Approach

digital learning forum with ibm and ringorang

Chief Vision Officer Robert Feeney presented Ringorang: Software with a Performance-First Framework, to the Digital Learning Forum alongside Ken Stockman, Senior Learning Strategist.   Key Takeaways  The Performance-First Framework fulfills the promise of what learning should be doing for the business.  The learning organization becomes a strategic partner, transforming from a cost center to a growth […]

36x Engagement Improvement

Channel Partner Training and Engagement Using Ringorang Sees 36x Improvement Relaying new information to a remote global workforce – and getting them to take action on it – is challenging even in the best of times. During the pandemic, many companies are searching for new ways to increase engagement in their workforce and channel partners […]