Change Management in the Flow of Work

Ensure change initiatives stick by creating a change-ready workforce. Ringorang software and its clinically proven behavior change methodology help your employees take on new habits surrounding your change management program as well as behaviors that better welcome change. 

high stakes change management program succeeds

Change is constant

Continuous Behavior Change For

Continuous Process Improvement

One of the key reasons change management programs fail is employees’ natural resistance to change. That’s where we come in.

Change management leaders use Ringorang to: 

With relevance and repetition, familiarity with new processes and systems begins to set in. Forming attitude habits around change makes the next change easier to take on and so forth.

Change Attitudes,
Change Behavior

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Arizona Public Service sees ROI on $300 million change program

Arizona Public Service

High Stakes Change Program Succeeds

APS needed a change management solution to implement its new Oracle customer care and billing system. The greatest risk to their investment would be a significant drop in their Net Promoter Score, putting their ability to recover costs on the line. 

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Manage Change in the Flow of Work

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