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Knowledge as a Service, Inc. (“KaaS”) – creator of Ringorang – supports companies making the shift from a traditional workplace training model to our Performance-First Framework that delivers real business results. Our goal is to empower enterprises to improve their employees’ performance by leveraging training content in microform and delivering it in the way the brain learns within the flow of the workday.

Combined, this leads to lasting habit formation that generates measurable outcomes for business. Ringorang, our software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, is the mechanism through which companies can provide both the content and the necessary regular reinforcement to develop those habits in the workforce. Ringorang went through clinical trials with the U.S. government and national laboratories. It is patented and has been pressure-tested on a global scale with our Fortune 50 customers.

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Rudiger Wolf, Executive Strategy

Todd Lincoln, New Markets

John Gilmore, Technology

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ringorang named best tech startup in 2023 tech tribune

Ringorang Named 2023 Best Tech Startup

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