Create a Culture of Safety

Your most critical safety content delivered through Ringorang software keeps your employees safe – whether they’re in the field, on the line or at the office. Create a culture of safety in your workforce using our clinically proven methodology to form the attitude, skill and knowledge habits they need.

create a culture of safety with ringorang


days lost due to workplace accidents

Preventable Incidents

Keep Employees Safe

According to the National Safety Council, preventable workplace incidents cost the U.S., employers and their employees $171 billion and 105 million days in lost productivity in 2019. These incidents also cost 4,572 people their lives in just one year. 

Safety leaders use Ringorang to:

Change Behavior,
Save Lives

Schedule a demo of our software to discuss how Ringorang can bridge the gap between knowledge, skills and behavior to keep your workforce safe. 

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Safety Starts with Behavior

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