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Innovation and Industry Disruption

Knowledge as a Service, Inc. (“KaaS”) created Ringorang to make a positive change in the future of work. A unique combination of advertising principles, learning science and technology, our multi-patented software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is changing the workplace training industry for good.

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What Is Ringorang?

Ringorang forms lasting habits for measurable behavior change

Traditional Workplace Training Doesn’t Work

Both leaders and learners are dissatisfied with traditional workplace training. Dissatisfaction leads to disengagement. This lack of engagement results in missed business targets and 596.7 million hours worldwide in workforce productivity lost, equaling an estimated $12.3 billion in global wages.* Not to mention the cost of designing and delivering training that simply does not work.

*Calculated for 10 million Global 5000 employees at an average annual wage of $43,000 spending 59.67 hours each in yearly training.

Recover lost investment and productivity hours with Ringorang.

Knowledge as a Service's Software

Ties Training to Results

Ringorang, by Knowledge as a Service, Inc., empowers business leaders and their employees by leveraging workplace training to make a direct impact on business results.

Our clinically proven A.S.K. Methodology, scalable delivery platform and real-time reporting allows businesses to measure a real Return on Learning (RoL) in actionable data on performance, progress and time spent.

Affordable, Scalable and Tested

Knowledge as a Service, Inc. developed Ringorang in collaboration with the U.S. government, national laboratories and universities. Our SaaS solution is clinically proven, pressure tested by our Fortune 50 customer and scaled globally. Easy to adopt, easy to sell, easy to use.

Where Other SaaS Solutions Fail

We Bridge the Gap

While our competitors are busy trying to improve learning – from content to engagement mechanisms – we jumped ahead to deliver business performance. Our clients focus only on what habits employees need to form to achieve business results and meet an overarching goal.

Latest News

ringorang named best tech startup in 2023 tech tribune

Ringorang Named 2023 Best Tech Startup

We're On a Mission

Be part of the movement to transform corporate learning and employee training for good. Invest in Ringorang today by scheduling a call with co-founding COO BW Barkley.