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Empower your sales team by giving them the habits they need to rely on to perform when it matters most. With Ringorang software, sales enablement and training are delivered in the flow of work at scale, allowing your sales team to revisit your content again and again in just minutes a day.

Sales reps forget 70% of training within a week

Sales Success

Enable Your Sales Team to Perform

Sales enablement and training drives high-performing sales teams. Research conducted by Gartner, however, shows 70% of knowledge and skills learned are lost within just a week – highlighting the need for reinforcement. That’s where we come in.

Sales leaders use Ringorang to:


of businesses see a 20% increase in sales with sales enablement

To Impact Skills and Knowledge,

Change Attitudes

Negative, positive or neutral – attitude affects the performance of your sales team. When your sales professionals have the right attitude, activating skills and knowledge from training becomes second nature.

A.S.K., our clinically proven methodology, maps three types of habits to business results.

Just like high-touch, one-on-one business performance coaching, Ringorang impacts the attitudes held by your sales team – but we do it measurably and at scale. 

Change Behavior,
Achieve Results

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sales enablement training with ringorang

“Ringorang is a catalyst for change.”
– Daniel Gillespie, CEO, Lighting Resources

Regency Lighting

Lift Your Sales Team’s Performance

Where we really make the difference for sales enablement and training is in the bottom half of your sales team. Our software can lift the performance of the lower 50% of your workforce – just like Regency Lighting and Lighting Resources. 

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