Change Readiness Drives Performance

Your business changes every day, which is why change readiness is critical to driving business performance. Ringorang software ensures every employee in your workforce is always ready for change through our continuous behavior change methodology and framework.

traditional training does not change behavior

$300B and 9.9B hours wasted on initiatives without measurable RoL

Training Doesn't Change Behavior

The Problem

Companies waste $300 billion annually on Learning & Development (L&D) initiatives that teach knowledge and train skills. These classroom-style sessions and self-guided training modules take hundreds of hours to put together and consume 9.9 billion employee hours with no measurable Return on Learning (RoL). 

More, these initiative fail to address the attitudes and behaviors stagnating your business. 

If your workforce isn’t change-ready, no amount of learning or training is going to make an impact on your bottom line.

Change Behavior,
Achieve Results

How much time and money are you wasting on programs that don’t change behavior? Schedule a demo of our software to learn how you can accelerate business performance through change readiness.

change readiness drives business performance

Radical change readiness in 3-5 minutes a day

Ringorang Changes Behavior

Our Software

Ringorang delivers change readiness in the flow of work, so that every employee in your workforce is not only expecting change, but they’re also looking for it and driving it.

To create a change-ready workforce, we first address the attitudes and behaviors that resist change – change fatigue, desire for status quo, seeking an “end” point – and then give your employees the foundation and tools they need to create value during change. 

Ringorang is not a training software – it’s more. Our solution for creating continuous behavior change puts your business on the path to real improvement.

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Stop Trying to Fix Training,
Start Forming Habits

When traditional training ends, Ringorang software drives business performance through continuous behavior change. Schedule a demo to learn more.