Our Business Performance Framework

Ringorang reverse engineers the behavior-change process to help you get the results you want for your business. We start at the finish line – your goal – and then draw a map backwards through the journey your workforce needs to take, highlighting milestones along the way, so you can create programs that develop habits in your workforce needed to achieve your goal.

More than just a software, Ringorang is a business performance framework. Here’s how it works.

business performance framework part one

Our Patented play pattern

Delivers Retention

Repetition is one of the only ways the brain remembers and retains knowledge. Classroom training, however, takes employees away from productivity. While one course is not enough for a return on investment, daily or weekly courses negate ROI entirely.  

Ringorang’s patented play pattern and microlearning delivery system get repetition into the workday without taking time away from productivity, so you can see a real Return on Learning (RoL).   

business performance framework part two

Our Clinically Proven Methodology,

Your Performance Map

EdTech solutions start with your employees’ knowledge and skills, and then slog toward results. A long, arduous process that often does not return the results you need.

We flip the process by starting with the results you want and reverse engineering the attitudes, skills and knowledge employees need to use every day to achieve the goal. This map, known as our A.S.K. Methodology, is baked into our business performance software.

Change Behavior,
Achieve Results

What makes our business performance framework different? Learn more about our A.S.K. Methodology – clinically proven to change behavior.

business performance framework part three

Monitor, Adjust, Iterate

In the Flow of Work

Unlike EdTech, we provide ongoing business performance through our iterative, in the flow of work framework. With Ringorang, learning is no longer about a beginning, middle and end – it’s about creating a culture of performance and delivering on that performance every day

Real-time reporting on progress and performance allows you to:

Success Coaching Makes the Difference

Performance coaching makes a huge difference for large-scale enterprises when it comes to change, habit formation and training – but it’s nearly impossible to scale. Our Customer Success Coaches transform high-touch, difficult-to-scale coaching into a 90-minute Goal Design session where we coach you to automate coaching.

During your Goal Design, you will outline your business goal, the journey needed to get there and milestones you’ll hit on the way. This coaching process works like an assembly line, pressure-tested and proven to perform every time.

What happens after Phase 3? Download our one-sheet or contact us to learn more.

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