More than Compliance Training

No matter which federal regulatory agency you answer to,  fines for noncompliance are steep. Reduce fines and minimize noncompliance with Ringorang’s clinically proven methodology and software solution for continuous behavior change. This is more than just compliance training.

compliance training isn't enough – change behavior

70% of new knowledge is lost within just a week

Compliance Training isn't enough

Change Behavior

Without repetition, more than 70% of knowledge is lost within a week after learning something new, so why do we assume annual compliance training is enough? Deliver critical compliance content to your workforce continuously with Ringorang software.

Compliance and risk leaders use Ringorang to:

Change Behavior,
Achieve Results

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achieved in non-compliance fines

Puget Sound Energy

Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) needed a compliance training software that would increase the regulatory knowledge and skills of its employees ahead of an upcoming Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) audit.  

Reinforce Regulatory Compliance Continuously

Is your workforce ready for your next compliance audit? Schedule a demo of our software to discuss how Ringorang continuously reinforces your most critical compliance content.

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