What is Ringorang? Founders Host Online Series About Transformational Learning Software

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October 31, 2021

How does Ringorang® work – and why? Chief Vision Officer Robert Feeney discussed using Ringorang for enterprise-level corporate learning as well as the science behind its power to change human behavior during the first installment of our online Series: All About Ringorang.

Imagine this business scenario: What the enterprise expects to achieve – in terms of sales, safety, compliance or other business goals – is at stage right. At stage left is what’s expected of the employee, which is often much more granular and often disconnected from the overall goals of the enterprise.  

Ringorang stands at center stage connecting the dots between performance goals of the business and the individual attitude, skills and knowledge of its employees.  

Several key aspects of Ringorang were laid out during the event.

For the Learning Brain

Traditional training models flood employees with information, but the human brain is not designed to absorb a firehose of content – and then retain it. Instead, Ringorang delivers learning and training content via bite-sized nuggets of information designed to be learned, retained and utilized immediately.

In the Flow of Work

Ringorang provides learning or training to employees within the flow of work. Instead of taking hours out of days for corporate learning sessions or training events, Ringorang deploys to an enterprise in the flow of the workday at preplanned intervals.  

Scaled for Enterprise Corporations

Coaching is an immensely effective method of targeting and developing the key behaviors employees need to take on to achieve business goals – but it doesn’t scale well. Ringorang delivers coaching at scale.  

Altogether, Ringorang coaches employees in a way that works for the learning brain within the flow of their workday while scaling across an enterprise corporation.

Watch the Series: All About Ringorang.

Interested in learning more about how Ringorang can work for your business? Request a demo or join us for our next installation: Series: Ringorang Software Tour.

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