Customer Success Story: Seminole Nation of Oklahoma

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March 22, 2021

Did you know?

Another of Ringorang's use cases is language and culture preservation.

As generations progress, there is waning interest in maintaining native culture and language.

Participants of different age groups needed to be engaged in a way that allowed them to build habits without requiring significant time or effort.

Ringorang was ideal.

Working with the Seminole Nation's Chief, we partnered with the Oklahoma tribe's language and heritage directors to provide a rewards-based language and culture retention program via Ringorang.

This involved:

- Two weeks of engagement @ 6 days/week, 4-5 Qs/day to test the format
- Participants self-selected into one of two optional levels of difficulty
- Relevant and fun content

The results:

- Loss of recall among adults was reduced by ~50%
- 110% information retention score (100% retention + 10% increase)
- Each participant engaged on avg. 34x/2 wks
- Over 83% of the participants stated they enjoyed it and wanted to continue
- Indian Nation assisted in submitting for multiple Federal and private grants to expand the program

Helping facilitate cultural preservation is part of KaaS' mission of nonprofit work, and we love partnering with organizations to provide these measurable outcomes.

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