Our patented engagement technology that works the way the brain works.


What is engagement and learning without recall?

Light Engagement. Big Data.

Ringorang® makes mobile engagement easy. Customize your App to deliver your learning content, and get sustained attention and results. Like a boomerang, you'll see real-time data coming right back to you daily.

Just Plug in the App

Plug in your content to Ringorang's incentivized contest format. Setup is so easy, you can do it yourself. Or connect with an authorized Ringorang Rep to help you customize it.

This new technology leverages the brain's natural learning patterns. And it incentivizes with rewards and gameplay, to maintain repeat attention over sustained program periods.

Light on your people, and light on your budget. You only pay for what you use. But the ROI you get is exponential. Learn more about ROI Squared.

The Technology

Standing on the shoulders of a century of supporting research, Frequencing (which is Ringorang's proprietary version of "spaced repetition") has proven effective in enterprise training, public marketing, and event engagements among other disciplines. It is effective with virtually all demographics and psychographics -- from students, sports fans, and retired seniors to rural homeowners, IT engineers, and executives. Ringorang has been used in multiple randomized controlled trials under Federal research funding to measure how it improves engagement results and establishes new habits.

The inspiration for Frequencing was the Gamma brainwave pattern. The result is a natural cadence of bite-sized communications that work as well for a one-day event as they do for a year-long education program.

The Art and the Science

Neurologically speaking, new habits and learning take time and repetition. So make the repetition fun! Since you can't have your people sitting in front of you at all times, use Ringorang to tell them your story over time, in daily "bites". Well-patterned storytelling engages, affects, and even transforms. Ringorang adds spaced storytelling to your delivered content. And attracts interactive responses in return, like a boomerang. That's the kind of fun interactivity you can keep up for months at a time!

Plug It In

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DIY Content Formatting by A.S.K.

When you use Ringorang DIY, you get all of the tools you need to create your program. One of those key tools is our content formatting methodology called A.S.K. which stands for Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge. Influenced by Bloom's Taxonomy and the US Department of Defense's training handbook, our ASK method enables you to quickly identify your goal and objectives. Then writing Ringorang questions is a breeze. And the result is a focused path to your program's success.


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