The tools you need
to improve performance

Ringorang comes equipped with everything you need to deliver effective training, reinforcement, and habit formation for your people.

Train on the most important and effective content

Distill your most important information into gamified, microlearning training content that creates results.

microlearning mockupengaging insightsmicrolearning tab
interactive interfacecorrect
circlegamified training

Leverage the A.S.K. Methodology to deliver behavior change

Ringorang’s A.S.K. Methodology is baked into the platform - making it simple to drive to the Attitudes, Skills, and Knowledge your people need to have to improve performance.

Keep people coming back
with built-in motivators and engagement drivers

Training is no longer a one-time event but instead a compelling, fun journey with nudges, prizes, sweepstakes, messages, badges, and leaderboards.

good jobbuilt in motivators
incentive rewardsmotivators
dashboard imagedashboardcomplete overview

Utilize the Admin dashboard to take corrective actions in real-time

Challenge and Goal Progress Reports show how your people’s new habits are driving towards defined business goals and measurable outcomes for your organization.


Single pricing for businesses that only need one plan

Starter edition of Ringorang, quick to implement and
start your Players learning. Best for smaller organizations
and companies beginning their digital training journey.


Starter Edition of Ringorang, quick to implement and start your Players. Best for smaller organizations and companies beginning their digital training journey.

Ringorang Mobile App for iOS and Android
0 - 10,000 Players
4 Hours Standard Coaching with dedicated Success Coach
Per month, billed monthly

Success Coaching

Ringorang customers have access to a dedicated Success Coach, who can assist and coach Program Creation, Player Group scheduling, Goal Design, ensuring Player habits lead to outcomes, and improving Player engagement. Our ultimate goal is to enable customers to be successful with Ringorang for their use case.


Our in-house Support team is available 24 hours throughout the workweek, with a response time of <1 hour. Support is available via email, phone, and Helpdesk ticket. We also have a robust Helpdesk that allows customers to self-serve the information they need.

Your Goals + Your Training + Ringorang =
Improved Business Performance