Customer Success Story: Sempra Energy

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January 18, 2021

It can be hard to keep the customer relationship positive when having to raise pricing for any organization.

Leading up to a highly-publicized rate increase, Sempra Energy deployed Ringorang to educate their employees about company and industry issues that were causing the rate increase.

The goal was to empower employees to take a more customer-focused approach, and facilitate more informed conversations around the upcoming rate increase. The employees also needed to increase their knowledge to counsel customers to reduce energy usage.

During the 3 weeks of gameplay, competitive knowledge acquisition became the driver for employees.

Employees received notifications to answer quizzes on these topics. They referenced leaderboards to see where their answers in the game stacked up against their coworkers. They explored linked content to learn more.

As a result, Sempra employees gained competence and confidence in the topics.

After the pilot was complete, employees felt significantly more comfortable to have conversations with customers about rate increases and strategies to reduce their energy usage.

A simple mobile app empowered employees to have these difficult conversations.

Could this work for you too?

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