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The Ringorang Story

Ringorang co-creator Robert Feeney experienced firsthand the impact of negative behaviors and sense of hopelessness they create. Both his older and younger brother struggled with illness and depression, and within a few years of each other both took their own lives. Robert was left with the impact of the loss, and hit rock bottom as he isolated himself from everyone.

A decade went by as Robert worked to build his life back from tragedy. As he faced more struggles and recognized that he had also not fully dealt with his brothers’ deaths, he yearned for change. And then, he realized that the only way to create change was to impact human behavior – more specifically, to turn undesired or negative behaviors into positive ones that when added together, created true, lasting change in people’s lives.  

Together with his friend B. Wayne Barkley, Robert leveraged his background from the entertainment and advertising industries, to create a new product: an app that changed human behavior. This app put bite-sized pieces of information in front of a person daily by gently nudging, reminding, and motivating them to adopt new behaviors. It leveraged learning science and rewards to engage the brain and keep people coming back, focused on one thing at a time. And it ensured that the most important messages and information was never lost or forgotten – but was always in front of people every day.

"Once I realized that a person's daily behaviors are what dictate their quality of life, I became obsessed with influencing those behaviors for the better."

- Robert Feeney

Ringorang was envisioned as the mechanism to provide those daily prompts of positive impact and reinforcement – and be the agent of change, delivering hope for everyone who needs it.

When the co-creators met Rudiger H. Wolf, he helped to expand the applications of Ringorang and apply the technology to business and employees. They patented this system, spent years in clinical trials with the U.S. government, tested it commercially with Fortune 50 companies – and then along with Thomas Zorich formed Knowledge as a Service, Inc. (KaaS) in 2019. The goal of KaaS is to empower large enterprises with this technology, so they can improve employee performance by leveraging behavior change into measurable outcomes.

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