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What advertising has known for years we've married with learning science to create lasting behavior change.

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Deliver better training outcomes through improved performance

Ringorang bridges the gap where existing training ends and reinforcement is critical to human behavior change.
Leveraging learning science and methods derived from the
advertising and entertainment industries, the platform ensures that training is delivered effectively, retained over time, and applied on the job by your people.


Customer Results

average increase in sales by channel partner rep
increase in conversions for certification program signups
months of sustained
behavior change

Proven to deliver behavior change in just 5 minutes a day

Ringorang has been vetted through Federal research trials, proving habit formation and permanent behavior impact. The platform comes equipped with everything you need to create and deliver learning, reinforcement, and engagement to your people.


“Every CEO has the problem of communication, people are tired of listening to me. So I needed something that can personalize it and make it fun, which was Ringorang. Our sales jumped up from 0 to make up 6% of our total sales volume, a significant increase in just a couple of months. Ringorang is a catalyst for change.”

Daniel Gillespie
Lighting Resources, Inc.

“Eight months into the program, and my participants have been using Ringorang on a regular basis. When I asked the participants what it’s been like, they all said ‘This really works! This is very helpful. It is useful, please do not stop. In fact, we want to talk about how to continue to use it even after the program is over.'”

Dr. Michael Broom
Leadership trainer to NASA, Google, and Provident Health

“Ringorang helps us go from being an event to an actual life change. After the seminars we do, as soon as our learners walk out that door, they begin to forget what they learned. That’s why we need Ringorang. Virtually, what we’re getting is the trainer who delivered, 30 days later in the palm of the learners’ hands.”

Michael Crain
Sales trainer to Apple, SAP, and AWS

“We’re using it to augment a security and cloud-based conference...The purpose of that is to help people remember the key facts and to generate experiences that we think are important for conference attendees to experience. Ringorang is compelling. It reinforces learning, you control the learning, and you can generate your own content or leverage other people’s content.”

Cary Sholer
Senior Technical Program Manager
CUSTOMER testimonials

Industry applications

Use Ringorang to drive measurable business outcomes. Target the behaviors that get you those outcomes, no matter what industry you’re in.

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Use Cases

change managament
Change Management

Change Management

Make change programs and initiatives stick with built-in repetition and reinforcement tools.

cybersecurity photo
Change Management

Cybersecurity Awareness

Prevent employees from compromising the security of data and company protocols.

safety photo
safety and compliance

Safety & Compliance

Minimize safety incidents and ensure compliance by keeping everyone in the field up to date with new mandates.

retail training
Retail Training

Retail Training

Train a direct workforce and channel partner employees at point-of-sale and beyond.

sales enablement
Change Management

Sales Enablement

Support the sales team by putting training, resources, and feedback at their fingertips.

change managament


Shorten time to competency by adopting a performance-focused approach.

Your Goals + Your Training + Ringorang =
Improved Business Performance