Stop Fixing Training, Start Forming Habits

Traditional training ends. With Ringorang software, behavior change is continuous.
stop trying to fix training, start forming habits

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a day is all it takes to create lasting change

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Empower your workforce to deliver business results with continuous behavior change through Ringorang software.
business performance booster – activated


lift in sales performance after three months

Business Performance Begins With Change

What makes an organization change-ready, and why is it so critical to business performance? Large-scale enterprises use continuous process improvement (CPI) to maintain peak performance – but they’re creating a unique problem. Companies are leaving their people behind. There has been no way for employee behavior to keep pace with CPI. Until now.

Our Software Drives Performance

Through Continuous Behavior Change

Ringorang, our business performance software for continuous behavior change, empowers you to develop lasting habits in your workforce by transforming your employees’ natural resistance to change into an attitude of: “Let’s do this.”

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Form lasting employee habits for measurable business success

Why Ringorang?

Why Ringorang?

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Form Lasting Habits

Leverage the science behind changing human behavior at pace with continuous process improvement.

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Measure Performance

Ringorang relies on and reports to your KPIs from the start, so you see ROI on every change you make.


Find Your Solution

Ringorang software enables you to map the journey employees take to reach your milestones for peak performance.

Get Results

Empower your sales team by giving them the habits they need to rely on to perform when it matters most.


lift in sales performance in three months

Make change programs stick by leveraging our software, clinically proven to change human behavior.


to APS’s Net Promoter Score

Ensure your employees build everyday habits surrounding regulatory compliance through repetition.


in fines after compliance audit

Protect your business and secure your data by building cybersecurity habits in your workforce.


of data breaches are human error

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ringorang named best tech startup in 2023 tech tribune

Ringorang Named 2023 Best Tech Startup

Achieve Business Performance with Continuous Behavior Change

Develop lasting employee habits with Ringorang. Schedule a demo of our software to discuss how you can drive business performance through continuous behavior change.