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Q: What's your cost of forgetting?

It's actually your most expensive problem. Because once your event, marketing campaign or learning program is over, the brain typically retains only 21% -- which means 79% of your investment evaporates. The Ringorang® app helps you kick the Forgetting Curve to the curb so you can recapture success. 

A: Ringorang recaptures your losses!

This patented "light engagement" technology delivers your content in a new and fun way. And the results are measurable. Since Ringorang® is your own brandable app, you can launch your customizable program in a snap. Reinforce learning and achieve real change. Benefit from Ringorang's Federally tested behavior science. You'll be amazed at the results on your real-time Dashboard, as the app increases interactivity with your people by 6 to 10 times. You'll see up to 400% improvement in learning retention. And all this without taking time away from anyone's daily routine.

The Difference

This breakthrough in engagement and retention comes from a decade of research and development behind the patented technique known as Frequencing. It's how the human brain establishes habits. And with a little gamification stirred in, everyone enjoys themselves in the process. Ringorang® is cutting-edge, cost-effective and so easy you can do it yourself.

No big platform to commit to. Just plug in the App.

Want 83% retained learning?

Done! Ringorang is sustained learning made simple. With fun, competitive and rewarding Q&A engagements delivered daily to your users, they will maintain "recall" year round. Real-time data shows you their attitudes, skills and knowledge levels, so you know what to improve. It's simple. Did we mention that it's simple? It is :)

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What do you get with Ringorang?

Buyers Get


Dashboard diagnostics on your users' recall

A mobile app that makes your information engaging

Control of the Frequencing so you can control your budget

Users Get


Key information delivered with competitive fun

A means for building new habits without stealing time

An opportunity to win prizes, just for engaging

Choose your engagement model


Stop losing your investment in the learning you deliver. Reverse the Forgetting Curve instead!

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Build an ongoing, responsive community instead of letting your peoples' attention slip away.

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Make the most out of your event by keeping your people engaged even after the event.

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