A Program just for You

Your monthly subscription of $79.00 includes all of the tools and support you need to setup your own program. After that, you pay for only what you use -- whether that's one hundred dollars to reinforce learning for 20 employees, or hundreds of thousands of dollars for a year of engaging hundreds of thousands of customers. Below are sample scenarios. Tell us what you want your people to do, and we will give you a low-price / high-impact tool to get them there!

Learn Experience

Transform Ringorang into your own branded learning app. You can either customize your Learn experience, or choose from the sample programs provided below by clicking on your user type:

Made for:

I've been in the learning sciences for over 35 years. I have never seen a tool this simple and compelling in its capacity to deliver engagement and measurement around learning. I got to witness short bursts of learning reinforced on users' mobile devices, and it didn't really take any time out of their day. All the while they were winning prizes and having fun. I can see it being great for students as well as executives. Or, as with my first time deploying it, for chemical manufacturing employees in China!
- Guy Hale, CEO, Alamo Learning Systems

World Experience

Now you can have an engaging mobile app for your marketing or communications program. Just plug in Ringorang and customize! Or click on your user type below for a sample program that's ready to go:

Made for:

When I was an executive for ad agencies, we used to take great pains to engage people around brands or programs repeatedly, which Ringorang does so easily. Now as an executive in eLearning, I find I do much of the same. We're all learning, whether it's through marketing or curriculum, and it's all moving to mobile devices. Whether you're educating, activating or just titillating your people, Ringorang is a killer app.
- Jerry Gentemann, Isaak Books

Event Experience

Make your next event a lasting experience. Ringorang helps attendees come away from events with new knowledge and the ability to retain and use it long-term.

Made for:

Ringorang is extremely effective in turning events into longer-term experiences, without creating unnecessary pressure on the users. We've seen this play out in two major ways - 1) participants in a program keep participating… often days, weeks, and months after the originating event, and 2) knowledge is usually expanded in this period that is often filled with disappointing retention.
- Jay Dysart, President, JLOOP Rich Media


Ringorang® is fully hosted on cloud servers. Apps are available on iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (phone and tablets), Mac computers and Windows (PCs and mobile devices).

Number of Users Rate
Min Max Monthly Price per User
1 499 $5.00
500 4,999 $2.70

Pro Solutions Services. Rate - $175.00/hour

Planning to Reach More than 5,000 Users?

Let's talk. We have a price that fits your budget and meets your measurable goal. Email us at sales@ringorang.com.

Your Measurable R.O.I.

Return on Investment

It can cost a lot to convert someone into an effective employee or paying customer or engaged attendee. But how do you measure the value? Ringorang can make it easy and cost-effective to take control of this process and stop the waste! Here's how we can help:

Advertisers engage their targeted consumers.

People click on your ad or visit your website. They may even give you their email. That does not mean they're converted. For as little as a penny a day per engaged user, keep the unconverted customer engaged daily with your Ringorang® app, learning about your brand while you learn what they need to make that conversion. Over and over again.

Organizations engage their workforces

All industries waste money on training that is not retained. Many industries waste in the billions of dollars annually in just this way. For less than the price of a webinar, keep each hire in lock-step with compliances, processes, and change - and measurably reverse the Forgetting Curve!

Organizations engage event attendees.

So much time and resource is spent on making sure an event is impactful. Whether running an event or attending it, the waste is typically left unmeasured as the information given at the event comes and goes with the event, instead of resonating through repeat engagements. Ringorang makes sure it sticks!


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