Since 2007, people around the world have enjoyed Ringorang®’s patented engagement pattern to bring fun into their lives while also learning what they want to know.

We didn’t rush to market – we tested. We didn’t advertise – we demonstrated. After years of government trials and pilots in multiple industries, we have learned the formula to our clients’ success: Light. Low-cost. Fun. With Ringorang®, there’s no big platform to commit to. Just a fun app that delivers your information to your people reliably, in gamified chunks, and in a scientific pattern. Then, in real time, the app returns to you unprecedented data on what your people actually retain of your information.

  • 2002

    Concept documented; Patent process initiated

  • 2003-2004

    Concept market tested with companies

  • 2005

    Concept tested as web-video engagement platform

  • 2006

    Vergence Entertainment formed; App prototype funded

  • 2007

    Alpha testing of Question Everything app for PCs

  • 2008-2009

    Beta tested with advertisers

  • 2010

    Enterprise app developed for PCs and iPhones; 1st patent awarded

  • 2011

    App developed across all major smartphone and PC operating systems; ASK learning methodology developed

  • 2012-2013

    App deployed in government-funded randomized control trials; Ringorang® partner network formed

  • 2014

    App contracted in pilots across multiple industries

  • 2015

    Ringorang Worldwide LLC formed; DIY (do-it-yourself) version developed and tested.

  • 2016

    Global cross-industry rollout begins...

Our Story

Before smartphones, before Facebook, before MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), and even before mobile games were popularized in the U.S., the founders of Ringorang®, Robert Feeney and B. Wayne Barkley, began the patent process on a massively multiplayer quiz that would engage mobile phones and computers simultaneously, on a ticking clock, and ask a single question of their users.

The software would then drop players for an undisclosed period of time, only to reappear and grab its players' attention for another 30 seconds, effectively generating a global flashmob experience that could be spaced out over the course of years - indefinitely.

The founders’ deeper idea was to leverage their entertainment background to tell a story in a social manner, episodically, where everyone is engaged at once, but not for any length of time that could be considered significant. That way, players wouldn’t burn out on it, you didn’t have to wait for other players to play, and everyone felt a part of something larger than themselves. This experience would be divvied into bite-sized pieces only, to suit the rapidly shrinking attention spans of audiences. They called it “The game that plays YOU.” A simple inversion of the traditional game experience.

A Technology was Born

The founders realized they had in this technology the ability to drive mass attention not just to a quiz, but to whatever information or destination a sponsor desired. Ergo, Vergence Entertainment LLC was founded in 2006 to market this and other media convergence strategies. A sponsorship business model was formed and the software was rebranded as Ringorang®, playing on the concept of a boomerang sending out quick hits of engagement and returning with data on users' familiarity with a campaign, product, or brand. But to achieve ubiquity, Ringorang® was initially marketed as a desktop app on PCs.

The Technology

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The Business Model

Weekly themed challenges, with questions delivered at random times each hour under the banner Question Everything by Ringorang®, sparked the imagination of players around the world. It was addictive, and players would schedule their activities around whether or not they had received their hourly question or not. The technology wasn’t just a game, nor was it merely a marketing tool – it was a motivation tool, with unprecedented data collection capabilities. So, the founders asked themselves a crucial question: What engages people most? Empowers them? Motivates them? Enables them? To answer this, the founders gathered experts in entertainment, education, psychology, and technology. The result? A powerful nexus between engagement and knowledge retention that leverages the brain’s natural processes of habit creation.

Ringorang® established as a Game-Changer

When the recession hit in 2009, and consumer-protection agencies raised the threat of non-compliance fines over regulated industries such as financial, healthcare, and energy, Ringorang® was positioned to help. It was the energy industry that showed interest in the technology, which had recently been issued patents. Ringorang® was invited into randomized controlled trials funded in part by the US Department of Energy, working with research firms and a study group out of the University of Texas, Austin, engaging and education residents in multiple states on efficiency, conservation, renewable energy sources, and the smartgrid. Ringorang® was proven to educate users on otherwise “dry” material, without requiring more than a minute or two of their time every day. Utility companies also contracted Ringorang® to reinforce critical workforce training in cybersecurity, privacy, customer service, safety, and other critical disciplines. The results were utility-authored white papers, Federally-published breakthroughs, and showcases at various industry conferences around the world, including the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Beyond Gamification

In the time that Ringorang® has been achieving exceptional results though "gamification", an entire industry has formed around the idea, further validating the impact that can be had by combining enterprise communications and education with well-crafted entertainment and behavior influencers. Ringorang® has since been contracted to deliver its simple, cost-effective App in multiple industries, including events, healthcare, energy, education, sales, public services, hi-tech, etc. - as it consistently delivers engaged users who actually retain the information they receive. The software system is configured to be a light plug-in that delivers powerful, measurable, and controllable results in any environment. No big platforms to commit to. No experimental game designs. Just straight-forward, time tested art and science that yields powerful results every time.


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