Welcome New Ringorang Customer: Lantos Technologies, Inc

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April 16, 2021
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LantosTechnologies, Inc., based in Derry, NH, manufacturers a proprietary 3D ear scanning system.  The technology, developed at MIT over 10 years ago, uses a proprietary membrane to capture over 1 million data points of each unique ear.  The system replaces a 130 year old process and delivers an enhanced patience experience along with a streamlined workflow, increased profitability, and improved patient outcomes.

Lantos Selects Ringorang:

“We are focused on reducing time to proficiency for our scan users, as well as overall customer adoption of a new standard of care. Through our due diligence we came to believe that Ringorang could help us serve both purposes at the same time. We also appreciate having access to each scan user, through the app, and the gamification allows us to activate healthy competition within and across customers” CarrieJo Hoelzel, Sr. Director of Customer Experience

The Value to Lantos: 

“All patients everywhere deserve personalized hearing. Our goal is to make 3D ear scanning the next best practice standard of care in hearing, helping professionals differentiate themselves.  Our business model is based on regular, daily usage of our technology.  Becoming a scan expert is all about practice and confidence.  We believe this tool will strongly complement and reinforce our other efforts, and allow our customers to have fun along the way.” Paul Harkness, Chief Executive Officer