KaaS Opens Up Crowdfunding to the Public

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August 6, 2021
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KaaS has launched an investment campaign via Wefunder, and we just opened it to the general public!

This is a great opportunity to gain a stake in KaaS’s growth—and to boost this venture toward market domination. And there’s still a chance to invest with exclusive Wefunder terms.

So, why invest in KaaS?

Because we’re solving a huge problem, and we’re doing it in a unique way.

Traditional employee training programs don’t work. The average human forgets 80% of what they learned within a month of learning it, and the typical employee only applies 12% of their workplace training on the job.

The result? Workplace training that doesn’t provide any lasting behavior-change, companies spending billions on compliance-related penalties.

Ringorang by KaaS changes all of that.

With proprietary, patented, and proven behavior-change methodology, Ringorang is disrupting the $83 billion spent annually on ineffective employee training in the U.S.


By providing innovative, affordable behavior change strategies that actually work and result in measurable business outcomes.

Ringorang’s efficacy has been independently confirmed in clinical trials. And it's found particular traction with giant tech companies, enabling their sales teams by offering an automated way to boost their performance.

In addition, giant consultancies are introducing us to their customers for a variety of behavioral programs—consultancies like Capgemini and Infosys and others.

Visit the campaign page to see the top reasons to invest: wefunder.com/kaas

By clicking on the campaign link below, you’ll be able to learn more about our unique market opportunity and make your investment.

Learn More & Invest

We encourage you to invest early, as the terms offered are exclusive to Wefunder investors and limited to the duration of the campaign.

If you are unable to make an investment at this time, we ask that you simply share the campaign and let others know that the opportunity is available.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

P.S. Be sure to check out our exclusive investor perks on the page!