Month-to-Month Subscription

It's super simple. Fully brand and customize your engagement program with our easy-to-use DIY tools, and pay just $79 a month plus user fees. No long-term contracts or committments.
In fact, you can terminate or pause at anytime. Super simple!

Coaching is FREE and covers:

Using the DIY tools

Developing your program

Plugging in your content (new or existing)

Selecting appropriate prizes/rewards

Measuring your program's data​

Add $199 Starter Package Setup

Includes your first program with unlimited everything. Yep. No cap on anything... like an overflowing fountain of your content and endless games delivered through 'drip' engagement to your users.


5 users to test

$5.00 per user thereafter

Then $2.70 per user over 500

Billed only for active monthly users

Still very simple!


Subsequent use subject to Pricing Sheet.

Two Steps to Start...

Download this Software License Agreement, and return a completed and signed copy to or fax to (818) 334-5200.

Remit $278 using either the Paypal button or via debit card using our Square portal
(no pin# required).

More of What You Get

Brandable In-App Challenges for iOS, Android and Windows computers

Templates and Turnkey Programs (additional fees may apply)

Real-time Leaderboard (for users) plus real-time Data Dashboard (for you)

In-App push Messaging

Program Design Checklist and Loss of Recall (Baseline) Calculator

A.S.K. Content Design Methodology

Question/Content Builder and Question Scheduler

Prizing Notification and Email Delivery System

Network Firewall Test Plan and Testing Simulator for Q/A

Unlimited Tech Support for end users and 24/7 Helpdesk FAQs

See our Refund Policy. Offers above cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Limitations may apply; subject to other terms and conditions. Contact your Ringorang representative for further information.

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