Standard Edition

An Unlimited Experience

Start with a two-month Pilot Program to improve business performance before upgrading to one of our Ringorang subscription software editions.

No cap on the number of users you want to add to Ringorang, so you can see the full data in your Pilot.

No cap on the number of team members you want to add to the online Portal.

No cap on the amount of content you want to create in our platform, including Alerts, Challenges, Learn More Library items and more.

No cap on software usage of any part of Ringorang’s DIY Portal, Web and Mobile Apps – no matter what.

Export your data and content into a .csv file for record-keeping.

No Coding, No Maintenance

Enjoy instant access to build, launch and measure your programs without coding or maintaining the software.

Engage your users around the office, the country or across the globe. Supporting current iOS and Android devices in the App Store for iPhone and Google Play Store.

Engage across browsers. No download or install required. Our browser-based web app is ideal for organizations who do not support mobile devices.

For an optimal experience, use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Use our built-in Flash Messages to alert your user base about new Challenges, questions and more. No cap on push notifications for Alerts and Flash Messages – in-app popups that drive actions or reinforce learning across all apps.

Use our built-in motivators to keep up engagement with your user base. Choose from various conditions within the software to trigger a badge – First Place! – or award a prize of your choosing.

Set the parameters for your sweepstakes winners in the software.

An in-app leaderboard adds a little competitive spirit to your user base.

Easily add surveys to any Question or Flash Message in the software.

Synchronous and asynchronous segmentation of app users. Access to Programs requires a unique invite code, which can be different for various groups of users while running concurrently, allowed for segmented controlled user groups.

A Unique Combination You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Ringorang isn’t just a microlearning software. It combines our clinically proven methodology and patented play pattern with features that have been pressure-tested for success.

Learning Sciences degree not required. Our proprietary A.S.K. Methodology has been proven to change behavior in clinical trials with the U.S. Department of Energy, national laboratories and universities.

This pressure-tested process to improve business performance sets business goals, and then reverse-engineers those goals into habits people need to do every day to achive them. A Customer Success Coach will lead you through your first Goal Design – all the way to results. 

Here’s how it works.

Our software is step-by-step, drag-and-drop simple for creating habits and results tied to your Goal Design. Develop programs in the Portal tied directly to habit formation results. Measurable in real time.

Our controlled process makes it easy to add or create content for your custom Programs in the Portal.

No cap on the amount of Learn More items added to or created in the Learn More Library, which houses your learning materials delivered via Insights in the app. Always available in the Menu.

No cap on the number of webpages built in the Portal to drive your user base to deeper learning, in our software or to your existing webpages.

Build and share between your White Label software (Pro and Enterprise only) Turnkey Programs for quick launches. 

Clone completed Programs for immediate quality assurance testing. This feature allows you to automatically condense all elements of a Challenge to trigger back-to-back for testing to your device only.

Built-in email delivery managed by the software. Set up accounts, reset passwords, notify users about new Challenges and more.

Make data-driven decisions in real-time with reports on progress and performance. More than 14 views into the critical data surrounding what your users know and how they’re engaging with your content.

Measure app users through to external links. If you want to use existing materials, our external link tracking will report how many clicks from the app to those materials your users generated.

Our Standard Edition comes with 15 hours of coaching with a Customer Success Coach to help develop your Goal Design.

Learn at your own pace using Ringorang’s self-guided training as well as our library of articles and FAQs on how to use the Portal and apps, best practices and troubleshooting.

Both Portal Admins and app users have access to Tier II software support with Ringorang by submitting support tickets through the solution. Learn more about software support services and costs.

Pro Edition

Go Pro and Get More

All features to improve business performance above – and more.

Our software and service, your brand. Exclusively your brand across these channels:

  • iPhone and Android Apps
  • Web App
  • Portal
  • Emails 

Custom elements for use in Programs, Flash Messages, Badges and more.

Ringorang sets up and maintains your Apple App Store and Google Play Store listings.

See across all of your Admins’ activities, including access to content and full insights into reports.

All new releases to the Portal and apps will automatically upgrade your branded instance.

Our Pro Edition comes with 30 hours of coaching with a Customer Success Coach to help develop your Goal Design.

Take Tier 1 support in-house after Ringorang trains your support team on the software and reduce support tickets costs by handling Tier 1 internally. 

Enterprise Edition

Scale Enterprise-Wide

All features to improve business performance above – and more.

Exclusive environment for your branded Portal and Apps.

Added security across Portal and apps.

Mirror your branded Portal for testing and new feature releases and upgrades.

Mirror your branded apps for testing and new feature releases and upgrades.

Simulate scenarios to cause system breakage and outages for scaling needs. Simulated scenarios allow for stabilization and improvements before scaling to larger audiences.

System Status Indicator on uptimes and downtimes, including messaging to your audience when needed.

Monitor and manage acceptance of new features and upgrades.

Integrate with software you’re already using, whether or not its on Ringorang’s roadmap. Pending project scope.

Add custom features you want, whether or not they’re on Ringorang’s roadmap. Pending project scope.

Exclusive account for single-tenant email delivery for expanded data and customization.

Full view and advanced control of all activity across all users and programs.

Create custom warmup Challenges for any Series.

Auto-adjusts Challenge schedule into shorter durations for rapid quality checks.

Expanded data analytics in one dashboard. Access deeper data from the Portal, apps, emails, servers and systems in a single dashboard view.

Our Enterprise Edition comes with 40 hours of coaching in the first two months with a Customer Success Coach to help develop your Goal Design as well as up to five hours per month following for the length of your subscription.

Direct access to the Ringorang tech team for urgent issues on bugs and blockers.

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