Software Company Knowledge as a Service, Inc. Opens Doors for Investors to Fund Transformational Corporate Learning Software Platform Ringorang®

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August 13, 2021

August 13, 2021



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B. Wayne Barkley, Chief Operating Officer

Knowledge as a Service, Inc.





Software Company Knowledge as a Service, Inc. Opens Doors for Investors to Fund Transformational Corporate Learning Software Platform Ringorang®


Opportunity Now Open to Invest Alongside Institutional Banks and Accredited Investors in Disruptive Software-as-a-Service Platform


Wichita, KS, August 13, 2021 – Knowledge as a Service, Inc., or KaaS, today announced its listing on WeFunder, an equity crowdfunding platform. Now anyone can invest in thecompany, which operates Ringorang®, a revolutionary software that is transforming the corporate learning landscape. To invest, visit


Corporate learning has remained stagnant since its beginnings. Learners take a course, pass a test, and forget what they learned. There is no “return on learning” measured, so training remains a sunk cost. The world’s leading companies are recognizing their traditional trainings disempower employees, which erodes the bottom line.


Ringorang® changes that by transforming the traditional learning model with a clinically proven approach that forms human habits during the normal flow of work and measures their impacts on the company’s performance. With several Fortune 500 clients and a pipeline of growth over 400% since November 2020, now is the time to join this unique opportunity to turn a $300 billion industry on its head while creating wealth in the process.


One of the keys to this human performance technology is how it effects the attitudes of employees. Instead of corporate training, Ringorang® creates a shared experience. Employees are sent notifications on their devices at pre-planned intervals that challenge them to test their mettle in a timed multiple-choice showdown.


The right answer with the fastest time earns a reward, and then scores are posted to a leaderboard. What was once a “have to” transforms into a “want to” learning session. Meanwhile, employees form new habits based on retained knowledge that improves human performance and, eventually, shareholder value.


“You can shove all the knowledge you want at people, but if they don’t have the right attitude, it’s a waste of everyone’s time,” said Robert Feeney, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “We spent decades in the entertainment industry, where we saw how advertising drives human behavior. We took what we learned and applied it to the learning sciences. The result? We created an app that helps employees apply knowledge when it matters most. Corporate learning used to be a checked box next to an employee’s name. Now it’s the thought thatcomes before action.”


KaaS recently moved its headquarters to Wichita, KS, a city known for its entrepreneurial spirit. With a flourishing startup ecosystem and an engaged community, the company is ready to raise capital to hire new employees in sales, customer support, and software development.


“We came to Wichita because we’re ready to scale. Recent studies say Wichita is one of the best places in the country to start a business. We’re ready to tap into the local tech talent, and we want to attract new talent to the region,” said B. Wayne “B.W.” Barkley, Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer. “We’ve built an incredibly powerful proprietary software that’s set to disrupt corporate learning. But even that’s not enough. We want to create an opportunity for anybody, including those who are tired of lackadaisical corporate learning programs, to invest. They can subsidize their own success.”


Feeney and Barkley formed KaaS to market Ringorang® initially to some of the largest brand companies by teaming with early investors and advisors who come from executive roles in large enterprises, such as Accenture, Target Stores and Goldman Sachs. They have headquartered KaaS out of Wichita and work with international teams to serve world-leading companies as well as local companies.


To invest, visit:

For enterprise corporations, visit:




About Knowledge as a Service, Inc. (KaaS)


Founded in 2019, KaaS’ mission is to support companies making the shift from ineffective corporate training methods to measurable behavior modification, in real time, to sustainably improve performance and drive shareholder value by aligning business outcomes with employee development and incremental improvement. KaaS has worked with customers such as NV Energy, Penn Medicine, Verizon Wireless, and has collaborated extensively with the U.S. Department of Energy. The goal of KaaS is to empower large enterprises with technology so they can benefit from measurable behavior change throughout their organization. The goal of KaaS for people is to empower them with the tools to command their own destinies, at work and out in the world.


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