Getting to Level 4 with the Kirkpatrick Model

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December 21, 2020

Corporate training is stopping short with the Kirkpatrick Model.

Why not take it all the way?

The model:

Level 1: Reaction
Level 2: Learning
Level 3: Behaviors
Level 4: Results

The Results are the point. Reverse engineering from Level 4 is the only way to make full use of the model.

But if a Result is identified as “Employees consider X Y or Z when dealing with situations A B or C” this is actually a Curriculum Learning Objective, not a Result.

An organization only cares about measurable, downstream Results for their business.

There's a long game and short game approach to bringing Level 4 and 5 into reality and out of fantasy.

Short game: learning leaders can be rigorous in posing clarifying questions on business impacts when trainings are requested (keeping in mind that the business leader may not have thought it through).

Long game: learning leaders are developed in the leadership conversation; just as business leaders are developed to ask for incremental learning, ongoing, that is mapped one-to-one with KPIs.  

To leverage the Kirkpatrick Model in a business environment, we must point every piece of every training to a measurable Result for the business, and ensure that Curriculum Learning Objectives align with the top-level business objectives.

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