Channel Partner Training and Engagement Using Ringorang Sees 36X Improvement

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October 19, 2020
Relaying new information to a remote global workforce - and getting them to take action on it - is challenging even in the best of times.

During the pandemic, many companies are searching for new ways to increase engagement in their workforce and channel partners - to ultimately see measurable results in their business.

KaaS’ most recent customer was experiencing decreased engagement with a channel partner: after inviting channel partner employees to attend a webinar on the value of becoming certified with their organization - only a tiny fraction of attendees signed up for the certification.

A webinar clearly wasn’t the best method to engage this external group and reinvigorate the channel.

3 weeks later, they experienced a breakthrough.

After converting the webinar content to bite-sized, spaced-out microlearning modules repeated over 2 weeks with competitive gameplay, a leaderboard, and prizes - our customer saw 36X certification signups compared to the webinar attempt.

Turns out, when you don’t present *at* people - but instead engage them in the process:

New concepts take root.

Training becomes fun.

People take action.

Your company drives to the desired result instead.

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